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October 05, 2008


Larry Levine

Hi John, Another great strip!!! I especially love Chippy's pose & expression in the last panel. I'm looking forward to the new site.


Hey Larry!!!
Thanks!!! It's been a loooooong time since Chippy appeared in the strip so I figured it was time to check in a see what he was up to.
Glad you like it. I can't wait to have the new site up too! I'll be announcing it and promoting it via MySpace and Facebook, as well as on a number of different forums.
Stay tuned!

Ben Williams

I totally forgot all this was still going on! Also, is it just me, or is Chippy taller than usual? His proportions seem different. Either way, it’s good to him again.


Hey Ben!!! Yeah, Chippy's proportions are a little off. IT's easier to get that right when he's standing next to Loopus. I'll get it right next time.

Larry Levine

John, I kinda like Chippy this way. It gives him a more flexible construction & classic animated feel.

Overall, your style has a more playful feel to it these days.


Hey John! Cool strip. Though I agree chippy is looking a little on the tall side!

All this time travel is going screw with my head, I can see!


Hey Larry!!! Thanks!!! The more I look at Chippy, the taller he seems. Maybe there is a middle ground that will give me the flexibility he needs, and yet won't seem so damned tall. He should be about 2 and a half to 2 and 1/3 of his heads tall, kind of like Ogo in "Kiskaloo". This Chippy is 3 whole heads tall, kind of like Pogo.
Gareth!!! Thanks!!! I'll try to keep everything clear time wise so that you can keep track of evewrything.


oh yeah! i missed chippy's ruthless!


Haha Completely entertaining... when isn't it!?

Nice framing elements, too. Nice and simple!


Thanks Mitch!!! Thanks Flaviano!!!!
I know I sound like a broken record when I say that I have been buried by work and thus unable to update. In fact, the new site is almost ready to go, I believe Nic is just waiting on me to finish some artwork and some character descriptions, her work is all but done! I will get to it, and stick to it. I'll be writing a post to not only explain the delays but talk about a few other things.
Stay tuned!


hope thats all is ok with the new year man. been busy for work is a good thing ;)
take care!

FertilAid for Women

Wow nice drawing..I love this little commic post!! =) Wow..I wish i could make some of this..

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