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September 16, 2008


Ben Williams

That's some pretty sweet looking linework, John. Particularly on that unicorn in the third panel. Glad to hear your having fun at your new job and yes, Death Magnetic does indeed kick some serious fuckin' ass. I just wish Lars' drums weren't so damn loud on it. Oh well, can't win 'em all.


Hey Ben! Thanks!!! I've been listening to Death Magnetic for 3 days straight now and it just keeps getting better. My critique is that I'd like to hear more of Trujillo. I can hear him, I'd just like to hear MORE of him. He's one of my Bass heroes, after all.


Haha! Loving the older Carl. Those drawings are damn fine. It's a shame you're thinking of going back to quicker methods as the brush work here is really coming along. Maybe save this method for a 'sunday' version every now and again?

I'm with you on the new Metallica album, what a great return to form. My faves are pretty much in line with yours, though it's hard to pick just a few at the moment!

Larry Levine

Hi John, Outstanding strip--this one has a strong Chuck Jones feel to it (expressions & body language), especially the 2nd panel.

Glad to read all is well by you.

PS: This process junkie thanks you for the drawing details :)


Hey Gareth!! Thanks!! For some reason, Old Carl was the easiest to envision, and yet also the toughest. You will see why as the story progresses.
I would regret going back to the brush pens too if it sacrifices quality, but I just have to start posting more regularly, and the inking of the strip has become such production that I can't making that happen with my current process. If I drew the strips smaller, about 4"x17", I could get them done faster, but then I could'nt ink with the #2 sable brush, so I'd have to go back to the brush pens, which would speed up the inking considerably. For those of you who ink with a brush, it takes a while. You have to dip the brush, "point" the brush by rolling the brush on scrap to get rid of the excess ink, draw a few strokes, and then it's back to dipping. With pens you just draw. It's fast. I'll just have to work hard to maintain the line quality. I'll try it on a future strip to see if anyone notices.
It's funny that the only other people I know who are into Death Magnetic are you and Ben, who happen to be from the UK. Most of my American freinds could'nt care less about what Metallica is doing. They keep yammering about "Death Cab for Cutie" or some similar horseshit. It certainly makes the case that the English do indeed have better taste in music.;)
Larry!!! Thanks!!! Huge compliment sir! I hope all is well by you too. I'm glad you enjoy the process stuff, because I can'st stop talking about it.

Eric Vanucci

Very nice! I liked all the ones! Fantastic work!


Cool, I dig your art style. I believe I'm spotting a whole bunch of influences (John K, Carl Barks...) but it meshes nicely.


Eric!!! Thanks!!! Keep coming back! There's more to come!

Kyle!!! Thank you sir! I do indeed have a lot of influences and all of them are at work here. Walt Kelly, John K, Carl Barks, Harvey Kurtzman, Charles Schulz, EC Segar, Bill Watterson are all influences. I'm glad that my style doesn't just come off as a messy jumble. Thanks!

Michael J. Ruocco

It's always great to come back & see some new C&L goodness! Ah... that new comic smell....

I'm still having a problem with finding a good pen to ink with. I tried using Rapidgraphs, but even though they were ok pens, they became more work to maintain than they were worth. Currently, the pen I like using is the Size '1' Pigma Graphic Pen. It's just thin enough to make some nice razor-thin lines, but thick enough to really dig into the paper. The only problem is that they dry out so quick I can barely get less than a day's worth of drawings out of them. If I can only find a pen that can replicate the feel of the Pigma & not be such a pain in the ass to maintain or replace every 15 seconds. I still wanna try snagging a Kuretake just to see what it's like. After hearing about it from you & from some other cartoonists around, I'm willing to give it a thorough tryout.


You are right "The day that never comes" was a really good song the first time i heard it.(Motorbreath) They seem to have forgotten how to write lyrics.(this i swear!!!) if you want something a little more thought out get "All Hope Is Gone" by SLIPKNOT. Although it is tame in comparison to there 3 prior albums at least Corey Taylor puts some thought into his lyrics. By the way, you wouldn't happen to have a brother named Jeff would you? Just wondering.


Hey L:2013!!! That is quite the mysterious moniker you have there!
Gotta tell you, I'm never been a SlipKnot fan for a number of reasons. Here are 3:
1. The silly Halloween masks
2. The singer sounds like Cookie monster on his bad days and Randy Savage on his good days.
3. It seems like they are ripped off their sound from that Prong Album with "Snap your fingers snap your neck".
I've been around a little while and I can tell you that there is very little original about SlipKnot.
I like Hetfield's lyrics. They have a raw emotional sincerity that I find appealing. He is not a poet, and never claimed to be. He's a former working class guy singing and writing from his gut. I have no idea what the SlipKnot guy is shouting about, but it tends to sound "gotten up". Perhaps it is overly thought out. Sorry, I call 'em as I see em.
I do indeed have a brother named Jeff. I sent you an e-mail regarding him. If you read this before you get my e-mail, go check your inbox and then write me back!
Michael!!! The search for the perfect pen is eternal. The Kuretake is the best of the brush pens, but still, they aren't perfect. Have you tried the Pitt Superfine pen? I like it for fine lines.


if you have doubts about Corey Taylors voice pick up either of Stone Sour's CDs. About Jeff, resend that E-mail to this new address. I used to work with a guy who claimed to be your brother.


Hey L:2013! I'll give Stone Sour a listen, thanks!!! I re-sent the e-mail. Let me know if you do not get it. I'm curious about when and where you worked with Jeff.

Kevy Metal

John- Long time... Still loving the strips! Glad that you're such an educated metalhead, good to have more of us out there ;)

If you're curious, somewhere on the 'net is a 33rpm version of "Ride The Lightning". It sounds like a very very heavy doomed-down European metal band. Worth a listen and a chuckle. Keep up the great work!

Hey Kevy!!! Almost didn't see you there!!!!
I love metal so much it hurts. Metallica, Ozzy, Exodus, Anthrax, Scorpions (until about 1988), Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Flotsam and Jetsam, Diamondhead, Prong, the list goes on and on. I never got into "Nu Metal" though (Korn sucks), and I don't like the bands with the guys who sing like Cookie Monster(SlipKnot etc.). I'm old fashioned. The guitar players must be able to shred as well as play a decent rhythm, the drummer and bass players must be competent and the singer must possess the ability to at least shout in key. Sadly, It's hard to find a modern metal band that meets this criteria. DragonForce, maybe. I don't know. Any suggetions?

John S

Ooops!! That above comment is me! Sorry!

Kevy Metal

Hey John... Let's see. Devin Townsend is someone I try to recommend to people. Great local musician, but also known internationally. Great producer, awesome vocal range- Cleans to screams. "Wolf" are a good band, kinda in the Maiden/Priest vein. "Threshold" from England are amazing. A good mix of soaring vocals, heavy riffs and some easy-to-digest prog elements. Their newer stuff is a good place to start. "Tarot" from Finland are also a great rockin' band. Enjoy!

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