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August 17, 2008



It's a good thing Loopus isn't a career counselor :)

So how much longer before you move to the new site?


Awesome, simply awesome. Always look forward to new ones!


I don't think Loopus is any worse than any other guidance counselor. Take for instance the jackass I had at Denver East. Lots of people loved this guy, thought he was wonderful. Apparently, he medaled in track in the Olympics back in the 30's. This apparently made him a saint. Anyway, he was in charge of the seniors, so each senior had to meet with Mr. B (not his real name). So, it's march, 3 months before I graduate, and this tool finally calls me to his office to discuss my post-high school plans. Most folks had met with Mr. B at least once by this time, some several times. So I go to his office, and he proceeds to spend 20 minutes of my 30 minute meeting talking about golf with another student. He barely acknowledges me this whole time. Finally, the student leaves, presumably to polish his clubs or wash his balls, so Mr. B turns to me and says " are you planning on applying to any colleges?" or something like that. I reply yes, that I intended to apply to CalArts. His eyes glaze over, and he stands while saying as quickly as possible "they will need a copy of your transcrpts and your SAT's" he then started to guide me to the door. "Really? They need my SATs?" "Yes" he then ushered me out the door and went back to waxing rhapsodic about shooting a bogie or something. Asshole.
Anyway, the new site is coming along. I have the great Nivollette Davenport on the case and she is doing some awesome stuff. Stay tuned!

Randeep! Thank you sir! I'll tryto keep them coming more regularly!

Ben Williams

Nice Strip! You can definitely see your putting a bit more time into C & L now. The construction throughout the whole thing looks more solid than ever! It's particularly noticeable in those awesome strippers.


Hey Ben! Thanks! Yes, the strip does take a little longer to draw than it did in the beginning. I used to be able to draw the strip in an hour on a small table in front of the tv while watching Lost, or Heroes, or InuYasha or whatever. Now that I want to make it a real Webcomic, I have to draw it in my little home studio with as few distractions as possible. Start to finish, from pencilling to scanning and tweaking in Photoshop, it probably takes about 3 hours. Thanks for mentioning the stripper panel in particular, as I was never really satisfied with it and almost re-drew it until Sara said "It looks fine. Post it!" I'm still not entirely happy with it. Oh well, I'll do better next time!


Wow I see a future strip about Chippy going to a career counselor as part of some court appointed parole program. I think it will be a very cathartic piece for you :)

Glad to hear things on the new site are progressing.

Michael J. Ruocco

Another great strip, John! I'm glad you're putting more time into the strip, it definitely shows! Can't wait to see the new site once it's up.


Hey Lyndon!!! Sounds good to me. I've been contemplating a storyline about Chippy having to somehow pay the consequences for his brawling and that bit might just wind up in the story. I posted the Guidance counselor story from my Iphone, so I neglected to further the point about his telling me to send my SAT scores to CalArts (for those reading this overseas, the SAT's are a ridiculous test that all college bound Americans must take in order to get into college. The higher you score on this test, the better the college). The CalArts students reading this already know that CalArts doesn't give a rat's ass about your SAT's. They care about 2 things :the strength of your portfolio and whether or not you can scrape together their excessively high tuition. This Counselor, I've deduced, was a shill for the SAT people. He was also a fountain of misinformation about College in general. I'll talk more about it another time.
Michael!! Thanks!!! The big challenge will be to produce this level of work 3 to 4 time s a week. I can't wait to get the new site up either! Maybe the new site will draw enough readers that we can have an actual forum!

Mitch Kennedy

YES! You're back with more comics! And man, do they ever look GREAT! I agree, guidance counselors are toooools.


Thanks Mitch!
Another little nugget this jackhole imparted to us was that when we went to college, we would have to dress better and wear our hear shorter. I mean, jeez, there were times that I saw girls wear pajamas to class when they woke up too late.
He played favorites, some he lavished attention on, others he regarded with disdain.
I was one of the latter. If anyone from the Denver East High School class of '86 is reading this and has an opposing opinion, I'd love to hear it.
But as far as I was concerned, he was a douche nozzle.

Larry Levine

Hi John, Great strip--funny & beautifully drawn as always! I like your use of gray in the background & the new lettering fonts.
You're among my first stops since returning online & was very happy to find a new episode posted!!!


Hey John! Just came back off holiday to find the new strip waiting. Great stuff. The drawings in this are top notch, keep it up!

Joe Karg and Elio Guevara

This is my first time here, and I just wanted to let you know how much I love your strip. I would love to do something like this in the future. It must be a blast.

Joe y ELio


I stumbled across your blog. Then I bookmarked your blog. Now I am commenting on your blog...to tell you that YOUR BLOG SUCKS!

totally kidding. Your blog's not THAT bad.

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