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July 19, 2008


Larry Levine

Hi John, Thanks for the updates, I've really missed reading C&L. Have fun at Comic Con!!!
Best, Larry

Michael J. Ruocco

Hey John, nice to hear you again! Hope everything is working out fine for you, Sara & C&L. Between re-moving, work, & making this new site, I expected you've had plenty to handle for a while.

I actually went back & reread all the old strips again not too long ago & enjoyed them just as much (if not more) than before. I'm glad to hear that there's more Chippy & Loopus down the pipeline!

I'm headin' to Comic Con too! Maybe I could meet you & snag a flyer or two from you while I'm there?


Hey John, good to hear from you. Bring on those new strips!

Shame I'm so far away from the Comic-con. Maybe one of these years I'll save up enough for the flight and see what it's all about!

Take care.


wooh-hoo! C&L strikes back!!!!!

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