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July 23, 2008



A future without strip clubs?? What kind of mad bizzaro world are we in ;) It's madness I say, madness...

Can't believe we got a new strip, it's been so long. So what's going on with the new site John, is it up and running yet?

Michael J. Ruocco

A future without strip-clubs & spit-takes would be pure Hell for sure.

Glad to see another strip, John! I like the texture you used for the background. Makes it look more & more like an early comic from the age of Pogo or Popeye!

Hope to see you at Comic-Con!

Larry Levine

Hi John, GREAT STRIP!!! What drawing tools did you use on this one?

Ben Williams

Nice strip, I'm really diggin' that fifth panel. Loopus' expression is hilarious.

I'm guessin this new strip is an indication that everything is finally starting to get settled at home and work now?


Hey Lyndon!! Thanks, and sorry for the extra long hiatus. I have to get on a schedule and stick to it. That is a lot harder than it sounds, especially now that I draw the strip like a "big time" cartoonist on bristol with a brush and ink. This is one of the main topics of conversation I have with fellow cartoonist pal Chris Sanders. I'll talk more about this later as it is a subject that deserves it's own post. The new site is not ready yet, as my website person hasn't had the time to get to it yet, what with the
Comic Con coming and all. It will be up soon, and I'll let you all know when it is.

Michael!!! Thanks! I haven't been to a strip club in 10 years, as I am a happily married man, but I somehow sleep better knowing that it is everyman's right as an American to be able to pay a strange, scantily clad girl to grind her pelvis against yours to an AC/DC record. It makes me proud. Yes it does. (Sniffle). Hopefully, I'll see you at the SDCC too sir. I'll be the bald guy with the cute asian girl who appears to be half my age passing out flyers promoting this comic strip.
Larry!!! Good to hear from you sir!!! I used a cheap mechanical pencil that I "borrowed" from Pixar to pencil the strip. I then inked it using one of the few decent Windsor Newton #2 brushes that I own (the quality of these brushes these days is wildly inconsistant. I reccommend the Raphael equivalent) with Windsor Newton Black India ink. I actualy hand lettered this one with a C-5 speedball pin nib. Chris Sanders reccomended a B-6, but the B-6 I bought was broken(!), so I used an od c-5, even though it is nothing like a B-6. I then erased the pencils using a kneaded eraser. After whiting out a shit load of inking mistakes and smears, I scanned it, tweaked it a little in PS,and then added the tone. I used the Half-tone filter to make it look like zip-a-tone. I then added the panel borders and posted it. As I said, I've been talking process with my buddy Chris Sanders and have learned a lot. I'll be sharing that In the coming weeks and days.
Thanks again!


Hey Ben!! Didn't see you there!!! Yes, things are calming down a bit at home and at work. The one thing that is difficult is re-establishing a work routine so that I can get the strip done. It's tough, because I come home from work, grab a quick bite, and then me and Sara jet off to Tae Kwon Do class (I recently turned 40 and started to put on weight so excercise is imperative.) Then, I come home, have some tea, watch some Korean tv (the Koreans have the best dramas!!! They also have a version of the Nanny that is riveting) Then, at about 10:30 or 11:00, it's time to draw. I draw until bedtime, which is anytime between 1:00 am and 4:00 these days. Like I said, I really need to establish a schedule.Good to hear from you Ben!!!

Larry Levine

Hi John, Chris Sanders got me hooked on Col-Erase Scarlet Red, it's the only pencil I draw with these days.

I forgot to note earlier that your timing & expressions for panels 4, 5 & 6 are incredible--and I love the how the duck delivers the punchline!!!

It's great to see C&L is back and even better to touch base with you again. Have a great time at Comic Con!

Steve LeCouilliard

Woo-hoo! A new strip! Nice to see you back in action John! Nice Kiskaloo reference in panel 1 as well ;) Can't wait to see more. I can't make SDCC this year, maybe next year. Any chance you'll be at APE?


wooh-hoo! you did it! fantastic strip! it's normal i feel some kind of sex appeal from that duck you drawn? wow she's really hot!


Hey Steve!!! Thanks, it's nice to be back in action!!! I'm glad you noticed Ogo and Mr. Stuffings from Kiskaloo. It's just a tip of the hat to Mr. Sanders who has inspired me to step up my game through the quality of his work.
Looks like I'm not going to the Con this year either, due to unforseen circumstances, one being an injury Sara suffered to her foot in Tae Kwon Do class on wednesday night. As you all know the Con requires a lot of walking, so we decided to sit this one out. I'l try to make APE, as the Afterworks 3 gang will have a booth there and I want to be there to help out and promote the strip. Maybe I'll see you there!
Flaviano!! Hey thanks man!!! And thanks for the very high praise regarding Jessica the future daughter of Carl and Judy. She's incredibly hard to draw, and when I finally sat down to draw this strip, it had been literally months since I last drew her. I redrew that last panel several times, I'm glad I finally got it in the zone. I don't know if it's normal to to be attracted to a duck, but believe it orr not, that's my goal, because the prettier she is, the more uncomfortable Loopus is.
Say, I really enjoyed your interview on the Character Design Blog!

Michael J. Ruocco

No wonder I couldn't find you at the Con! You weren't there! I'm sorry you & Sara couldn't make it this year & I hope she feels better soon. Hopefully you guys can go next year, then we can finally meet in person.


Loving the spit-take, that's what happened to me and my coffee when I realised you had a new strip up! ;)

Glad to hear you're getting settled a bit now, looking forward to some great stuff from you. What's the news on the Afterworks 3 C&L btw?


Michael!!! Sorry about that, I was looking forward to seeing you too. I will definately be there next year, and Sara will as well. She makes good "booth bait", plus she can do math in her head, which is an essential skill when making change. Me? I never could make change. Ahh the American education system. Sara was born and partially educated in Korea, and even though Korea was a very poor nation at the time (early to mid 70's) they had a kick ass way of teaching math. Every morning, the kids sing their multiplication tables. How about that?
I remember we used to sing in school too. Let me see, what was it? Oh yeah.."My country tis of thee..".
But I digress. A lot.
Anyway, see you next year, Michael!
Gareth!!! Great to hear from you!!!
The C&L Afterworks story is finished, I just have to deliver it to the guys up north, which I will do sometime next week. I'll post a couple of the finished pages here very soon. Stay tuned for that and a new strip this weekend!


OMG! A new strip! Glad to see you are going forward with the story - how much of this is planned out and how much are you just winging it?

And any posts you can do on process would be great!

Steve LeCouilliard

Too bad about your wife's foot. My 5 year-old, Daniel and I just started Tae Kwon Do classes a couple of weeks ago. Hope I don't end up sitting out any conventions due to injury!

Hopefully I'll see you at APE! It will be nice to finally meet in person!

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