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May 29, 2008


Larry Levine

Hi John, Maybe this can help:



Maybe you need a consultant?


Try one of the people on that list, might be able to help you. I'd recommend Brian Gardner, designs great templates and usually likes to help people out.


Hey John, good luck sorting the website out. I wish I could lend a hand but I haven't got a clue either!

I hope the move back to Burbank goes well and that you can tell us the strip related news soon! ;)


This is why I hired someone to re-code my Wordpress site.


Hey thanks for all the info guys!!!
Sorry for the incomplete nature of the above post, but I wrote it on my iphone, and accidentally published it early. The strip news is that I have been writiing and have come up with and end to the current storyline. I'll get to that as soon as my move is done. I have also written enough new stuff to launch the new site and avoid re-runs. BETTER stuff. I may have to resort to the occasional flashback to clue the new readers in, but I think that might be fun.
Stay tuned!!!

Larry Levine

Hi John, Sounds like a great game plan.

Between the new job a DreamWorks & the grand return of Chippy & Loopus--2008 is going to be a very creative & exciting year!!!

Ken Bruce


E-mail me when you get to Burbank! I'm dying to chat with you! Clive four four four at mac dot com! Woo hoo!

Chris Sanders

I applaud fresh starts in all aspects of life. If you feel you need a format change to get a new start on your world, by all means! I like the strip as it is, but I understand getting lost in a story. How about the Dallas scenario? One of the characters wakes up, and realizes the previous stuff was all a dream. Or the weirder St. Elsewhere, where a little autistic kid was dreaming the whole series up as he stared into a snow-globe. No one has ever beaten that for weird!


Hey Larry! Yes indeed, there are a lot of things in the works. I believe I have found a highly capable web designer for the new site and hope to have it up sometime in July. Stay tuned, as I will be finishing the current story line here as soon as I dig my way out of all these boxes.
Kenny! I'll call you! Let's do CPK!!!!
Chris! You are the only other person I know who remembers that bizarro ending to what was otherwise a pretty good show. I remembers feeling really cheated, and then thinking "well, I didn't see that coming. It was better than that cop out Sopranos ending, or the ├╝ber weird ending of "the Prisoner". Any one remember that?


Sorry to hear your having such a hard time, I agree with you about wordpress and comicpress, everyone makes it sound easy, but its damn hard! Im going through the same problems trying to figure out a good way to post my webcomic Im working on, if i make any progress or breakthroughs I will send on the info.

Good luck, love the comic!


I saw the ending to the prisoner not long ago. It's even stranger when you haven't seen any of the series before it! My only prior knowledge of the prisoner came from a quote at the start of the Iron Maiden song of the same name.

Oh btw John, I've been reading Kurt Vonnegut after you mentioned him on this blog ages ago, and all I can say is thank you so much for bringing him to my attention. He is great. I'm currently reading through everything I can get my hands on, although he is surprisingly hard to find here in the UK book shops.

Hi Ho.

Nursing top

how was it? i'm a bit late here, i know you had a great time on it. congratulations and good luck!

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