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February 26, 2008


Larry Levine

Hi John, Great strip!!!

Michael J. Ruocco

Loopus has gotten "faaaaaat".
Nice to see a new strip, John. Let me guess, the '86' on Loopus' sweater was the year YOU graduated?


Thanks Larry!!!

Michael! Yes, I finally go a new strip up in the midst of all the inking and coloring the other project.
Yes indee, it seems future Loopus has put on a little weight. IT happens to the best of us (sigh). And yes, I did indeed graduate in 1986. That is probably the year you were born, correct?
And yes, that means I will turn 40 this month.
Hey, my hero Eddie Van Halen is 53, so I think I'm doing okay!
Ugh, my back.


Haha! Fat Loopus! awesome.

Nice strip John, and hurrah for the return of the pink! :)


Thanks Gareth!!!!
It just called for pink!

Kevy Metal

I can't help but giggle every time a new strip gets posted, knowing full well how delightfully twisted and wrong it is!

"I always knew that name'd make a comeback!"


Steve LeCouilliard

Great strip as usual John! I like how, even though I din't catch the strip where they talk about time travel, and I don't know the characters at all well, I totally understand what's going on. Kudos to you!

Hey Kevin! I didn't know you read Chippy and Loopus.


Hey Steve!! The characters have not yet mentioned time travel. the unicorn is the only one who seems to know what has transpired anyway. But Thanks!
You and Kevy know each other?

Steve LeCouilliard

Even better! You didn't mention the key plot device, but the reader can figure it out just by inferrence.

Yeah, I know Kevin. We worked at the same studio here in B.C.

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