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February 26, 2008



hmm... I seem to be having a problem viewing the images.

Michael J. Ruocco

I can't see 'em either. I'll kep trying back 'til I see 'em.

Steve LeCouilliard

Nope, can't see 'em.


how come i can...i hate computers...


Okay, now I can see them but I can't hear a damn thing anyone is saying.

This looks great, John! How many pages will it be?

Ben Williams

Whoa, you've really out done yourself John! These look awesome! The colours are spot on. Have you by any chance been checkin' out John K's colour theory posts?

Larry Levine

Hi John, I see 'em now!!!

Outstandingly beautiful! What did you use to draw these?

Michael J. Ruocco

Whoa! The colors... the pretty colors!

Awesome stuff, John! You really got that 40's era look in 'em. How long did it take you to do these pages?


Hey Lee-Roy!! Thanks!! I have the sound on "mute". The story will be 9 pages long.

Ben! Thanks! I have been reading John K's site since he started it and found his articles on color to be particulary inspiring. I also looked at a lot of old color sunday comics, particularly "Pogo" and studied how they handled color back in the day. It was quite illuminating.

Larry! Thanks! I roughed these out with a number 2 pencil on really cheap paper, then scanned the roughs, tightened, tweaked, inked and colored in Photoshop version 7. (I have CS2, but it crashes a lot).

Michael! Thanks! I can pencil, ink and color a page in about 3 to 4 hours. However, the more I draw, the faster I get. I'll let you know how fast page 9 goes. I'm up to page 6 now. Of course, I still have to add the dialogue...

Larry Levine

John, You should be syndicated, the strip is that good! These have a playful Clampett/Scribner-like tone, especially the hippo panel (I can't wait to read the dialog on that one!)


Damn! Thanks Larry!!
Thanks to John K's blog, I've been looking at a lot of Clampett?Scribner stuff. I guess it's starting to sink in.
Some of the dialogue can be guessed, as this is a re-telling of some of the earlier scribbly strips (see! There is Phil at the coffee stand!)
But I've put a new spin on it. That hippo panel in particular was fun to write. Thanks again sir!

kris pearn

This looks amazing John! Can't wait to buy the C & L treasury.


John! This looks great! I love the first panel with the titles and I'm digging the half tone colours.

Can't wait to see this in full!


KRis!!! Hey, thanks man! Haven't heard from you in a while! I hope you are well!
Gareth! Thank you sir!
These are still "rough" to be sure. The titles need work, the panels need to be re-ruled, and I need to paint out all of those while spots. (Thanks Ted!)

Steve LeCouilliard

John! These look great! I like hearing about your method, 'cause it's almost the same as mine, except I ink with a real flesh-and-blood brush pen. I'm gonna have to check out John K's posts about colour theory, that's always been a weak area for me.

Hey, is the dialogue expected to be as salty in the book as it is in your weekly strip, or are you toning it down for the publisher?


Hey Steve! Thanks!!! John K's blog is full of useful stuff!!! Check it out!
When Ted and Scott asked me to contribute, the did so knowing I would most likely do a Chippy and Loopus story. I made sure that language would'nt be an issue, so be prepared! There will be no toning down!!!

jess v

I like to think of myself as a chippy-type personality. The only thing that doesnt fit is the boba hatred. I love that shit!


That's funny. In what way are you Chippy-like?
Me? I'm more the Carl/Loopus territory. I can be incredibly stupid when I'm not paying attention. Chippy is who I am in my head.


have you found them yet?

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